United Cricket Club.
Atlanta. USA
United Cricket Club V/s Satyam Cricket Club [Sep 14 2003] 
UCC 71 in 25 Overs (Won by 5 Wickets)
Players   R 4's 6's
 Randeep  Caught out Bwld Nilesh  03    
 Shinku  Bowled Shailesh  30    
 Sachin  Caught out Bwld Alpesh  20    
 Prince  Caught out Bwld Alpesh  06    
 Baghi  Runout  Gogi  20    
 Lada  Not Out  41    
 Santhosh  Not Out  18    
 Romi (C)        
 Extras  (b 0, lb 0, nb 0, wd 0)      
TOTAL    169     
Bowlers O M R W R/O
Climax 88 in 27 Overs
Players   R 4's 6's
 Poppy  Bwld 36    
 Praful  Run out 00     
 Shailesh  Bowled Lada 22     
 Nilay  Run out 10    
 Amrish  Run out 00     
 Alpesh  Bowled   00     
 Candy  Caught and Bwld Lada    
 Manish  Caught Out Shinku 7    
 Rohit  Caught Out Lada     
 Extras   (b 5, lb 4, nb 1, wd 18)  28    
TOTAL    127    
Bowlers O M R W R/O

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